Steam version

  • We've added a fifth chapter.
  • Added English translation of chapter five
  • Added several achievements (2 for Chapter 4 and 3 for Chapter 5)
  • Recycled in-game achievement system
  • The in-game achievements gallery is temporarily disabled
  • Added a new character named Oleg
  • Added a new character named Jenna
  • Completely redesigned Sprite Jenna
  • Jenna's icon in the gallery has been changed
  • Added new location: Betram's Shop
  • Added new location: First aid station
  • Added new location: Private room
  • Lin's room has been completely redesigned 
  • The "Skip to next choice" button has been removed (we recommend using the "CTRL" button on your keyboard)
  • Added a very cool computer animation in Chapter Five
  • Final credits have been updated (Status on January 18)
  • Fixed a number of misprints in Russian and English versions
  • Fixed a number of bugs that caused the sudden crash of the game

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