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This story revolves around Lesley. One day he woke up on a train station, being not able to remind anything about his past. On the station he meets a girl, who is sure that Lesley is a new exchange student.

The cute silent town is a beautiful place where he found a lot of new friends. But the more Leslie tries to learn about herself, the more strange things begin to happen around him.


Second Chance - is the first game project from Eliana-Asato (as lead artist) and Coman (as scenarist). We are currently working on regular updates with new storylines, characters and chapters.


- 3 chapters

- 3 HCG scenes with 89 HCG artworks

- 7 characters to meet

- 7180 lines of code

- 27000 words

- 67 sprites

- 52 backgrounds

Technical details:

Type: Visual Novel, Eroge

Genre: Mystery, Detective, Drama, Action

Lenguaje: English, Russian

Engine: Renpy

Duration: ~2-4 hours

Public: +18

Plataforms: Windows, Linux, and Mac

Status: Game still in progress


Our patreon page (English) - https://www.patreon.com/sc

Our VK page (Russian) - https://vk.com/sc_thegame

Install instructions

1. Unzip

2. Launch SecondChance.exe


Second Chance v0.03.1.7 eng win zip
Second Chance v0.03.1.7 eng tar bz2
Second Chance v0.03.1.7 eng mac zip

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