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This story revolves around Lesley. One day he woke up on a train station, being not able to remind anything about his past. On the station he meets a girl, who is sure that Lesley is a new exchange student.

The cute silent town is a beautiful place where he found a lot of new friends. But the more Leslie tries to learn about herself, the more strange things begin to happen around him.


Second Chance - is the first game project from Eliana-Asato (as lead artist) and Coman (as scenarist). We are currently working on regular updates with new storylines, characters and chapters.


- 3 chapters

- 3 HCG scenes with 89 HCG artworks

- 7 characters to meet

- 7180 lines of code

- 27000 words

- 67 sprites

- 52 backgrounds

Technical details:

Type: Visual Novel, Eroge

Genre: Mystery, Detective, Drama, Action

Lenguaje: English, Russian

Engine: Renpy

Duration: ~2-4 hours

Public: +18

Plataforms: Windows, Linux, and Mac

Status: Game still in progress


Our patreon page (English) - https://www.patreon.com/sc

Our VK page (Russian) - https://vk.com/sc_thegame


Windows zip - https://cloud.mail.ru/public/MsNG/eZUXfLame

Linux bz2 - https://cloud.mail.ru/public/9ZyV/23PxbzBK8

Mac zip - https://cloud.mail.ru/public/F1W7/VnJ4nWC8b


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really enjoyed the the game keep up the good work 

some recommendations i have that may make it even better

animating some the scenes and might also consider voices and/or different sounds to go along with the background music

hope you'll consider it but again really liked the way it is currently  


We are currently workong on adding new content. The 0.04 version is on the way, and it even will be in steam. 

All yoir suggestions might be realised closer to full release ;-)

I'm think there is nothing in the download for the window, since i waited about a solid 30 minutes, and nothing showed up, or that my computer is shit, either way i think you should check the download button if it works.


It seems like download buttons are really broken somehow. Anyway, I've added some download links in description - this should work.